tītipounamu the New Zealand Rifleman

tītipounamu the New Zealand Rifleman is New Zealand’s smallest bird. The male sports a stunning green suit whereas the female is drabber but none the less pretty. Both birds, never stop still when feeding in the forest and are a true challenge for the photographer.

tītipounamu are only about 8cm long and weigh about 6 or 7 grams (or one third of a mouse!)
The name Rifleman apparently refers to their green colour being like a Military green.
Their Maori name,  Tititi-Pounamu, most likely refers to their colour and the sound of their call.
pounamu is the name of a deep green New Zealand nephrite jade.
The best interpretation of the first part ‘ti ti ti’ that I’ve found is that it’s a reflection of their call.  they sound a little bit like a tiny cricket? (from Sharon Walsh)

Tītipounamu is one of my favourite birds to photograph.

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