New Zealand tomtit

There are five subspecies of tomtit in New Zealand. However, I have only encountered two, the North Island miromiro and the South Island tomtit, ngirungiru.

Other names: New Zealand tomtit, pied tit, yellow-breasted tit, black tit, ngirungiru, miromiro, pied tomtit, yellow-breasted tomtit, black tomtit, piropiro, maui-potiki.

The Females of both of these subspecies are less colourful than the Males with the North Island male having a cream coloured chest and the South a yellow chest.
Also, the females are much more secretive and shy than males and I would guess that the ratio of female to male sightings would be around 15-20 males to every 1 female.
I love these little birds, they are full of character and being nowhere near as friendly as the Bush Robin quite a challenge at times.

Please click on the images to see my selection of each bird species.

miromiro The North Island Tomtit

ngirungiru the South Island Tomtit

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