Water Fowl

This section contains birds that fall into the waterfowl category.
Early European settlers introduced 25 different species of waterfowl to New Zealand for hunting. Only one species succeeded in establishing its self. The Mallard and became a huge threat to our native Water Fowl by hybridising with them, namely the Grey Duck and Brown Teal who struggle till this day. The Canada Goose was introduced many years later and has now spread throughout Both Main Islands. Today due to the efforts of many people our native waterfowl numbers are slowly improving.

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Please click on the images to see my selection of each species.

pārera the Grey Duck

pūtangitangi the Paradise Shellduck

The Mallard Duck

pāpango the Scaup

tētē the Grey Teal

pāteke the Brown Teal

kakīānau the Black Swan

kuruwhengi the Shoveller Duck

Canada Goose

The Wood Duck
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