Tony Fluerty’s Image Portfolio

Although all the images in my portfolio are for sale as fine art or canvas prints, the primary purpose of this my image gallery is to showcase and share with you some of my exciting journey photographing New Zealand’s landscapes and amazing wildlife.

New Zealand Landscapes

A kōtare or Sacred Kingfisher erupts from the water after diving for crabs
New Zealand Birds

Tony Fluerty Nature Photography uses only superior materials for all artwork.


  •  Your print is an investment.
  • Cheap canvas prints fade very quickly unlike our prints.
  • Boney Whitefoot uses special archival inks on very high-quality cotton canvas providing beautiful lasting results in a rich palette of colours that resist fading and weathering.
  • A protective waterproof coating allows you to gently clean the canvas with a damp cloth when necessary.


  • We only use a premium fine art paper that has been chosen for its longevity and high print quality.
  • You can choose either matte or glossy paper.
  • We use archival inks that will not fade or degrade over time, unlike cheaper inks.
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